25 November, 2020

Man Can Cook

Honey, pass the curry leaves...or get out the carving knives. He's rolled up his sleeves, and gone into culinary overdrive.

Man Can Cook
It used to be that the prototype Indian man was kitchen-shy, the sort of behind-the-times chap who wolfed down his food with nary a thought to all the machinations that went into it. But the lord of the Indian household is slowly becoming the lord of his kitchen. You could call him the modern man—and he likes to meet his meal in the marketplace first. For him, enjoying food is about ferreting out the choicest ingredients, and watching how the heat of a cooking flame eases out the rawness and teases out the flavour.

Yes, men can cook—and they are no longer embarrassed about it. You could thank foreign travel for it or an overseas education; the fact that working wives welcome the sudden respite from kitchen duty or perhaps just that celebrity chefs like Anthony Bourdain and homegrown Rahul Akerkar have made cooking as glam as walking down the red carpet at Cannes. Whatever the reason, more and more Indian men are discovering that food is an intimate experience—and that its preparation brings as much pleasure as its...


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