28 February, 2021

Mallika Sarabhai

The celebrated dancer on the Vikram Sarabhai Arts Festival and the Ahmedabad theatre controversy

Mallika Sarabhai
Why is it a nationwide festival this year?
In our 30th year we felt our new work needed to be shared with audiences outside Ahmedabad. We decided to start with Delhi.

Isn't the theme of the western woman, a highlight of the show, cliched?
Perhaps, but the presentation is not. It's a very personal story and yet a global one.

Why the controversy over the proposed Ahmedabad municipal amphitheatre?
Natrani, for 11 years, has brought the best of world art to Ahmedabad. In a 20-km stretch of the proposed river bank project, why choose the one spot that will damage the serenity and ambience of Gujarat's only state-of-the-art theatre?

Is the Gujarat government targeting you?
Read up recent newspapers and you might deduce the answer yourself.

Considering your family links with Ahmedabad, would you think of shifting base?
Even something as unthinkable as that a few years ago might need to be considered.

What is Darpana for Development?
Our development wing. We've devised and run innovative arts...

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