02 March, 2021

Mallika Sarabhai

IN a no holds barred exchange, dancer and actress Mallika Sarabhai gives as good as she gets

Mallika Sarabhai
You've been called an actress among dancers, a dancer among actresses. Comment.
What greater compliment? In our society a communicator or performer had to sing, dance, act, storytell, chant, argue. I have the gall to do it. Well. Very well. And I am a communicator.

The Darpana Academy of Dance has spawned just two dancers: Mrinalini and Mallika. The I, Me and Mine Academy?
Darpana has produced two stars. Hundreds of dancers. Which other institution of comparable stature has produced even two?

You're considered a better actress off screen than on screen. Valid?
I am who I am—on and off stage, screen or in an airplane.

You're accused of exploiting the Sarabhai tag to unfair advantage. Comment.
I am a Sarabhai. If I exploit the name I exploit what is mine. Show me someone, anyone else who exploits themselves rather than others.

Attitude Annie, Ms Management, Libber, Radical, Clotheshorse, Impressario...Would the REAL Ms Sarabhai please stand up?
Would someone with a real mind and real eyes please step up to...
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