25 January, 2021

Malcolm Moss

British environmentalist on Solar Cell, a project by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation to promote the use of eco-friendly solar power for automobiles, where he is the driving force.

Malcolm Moss
What is your goal?
We are not looking to replace grid electricity. We want to replace taxed petrol and diesel.

How realistic is it?
There are 2.5 million electric vehicles produced in the world every year. 68 per cent of all fork-lift trucks are electric.

What are the commercial prospects in this country?
Solar autorickshaws can replace the normal ones in Indian metros in five years.

Are solar rickshaws commercially viable?
It costs $1,000 to convert a cycle rickshaw into a solar rickshaw.

And when does one recover this investment?
This $1,000 will probably be paid off in two years and you will still have your solar equipment.

What about other alternative fuels like hydrogen?
Hydrogen is a naughty gas. It burns violently. It's not a good idea to put it in people's cars.

But several big companies are pushing for it.
It suits major oil companies. It's a complex form of power and only the major oil companies can handle it.

What about CNG?
It reduces...


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