08 March, 2021


Take the age-old reincarnation theme, add a dash of fantasy and sci-fi, with an implicit moral and you get a winsome film


Starring: Sudeep, Naani, Samantha (and the fly)
Directed by S.S. Rajamouli
Rating: ***

Take the age-old reincarnation theme of Indian films, add a dash of fantasy and sci-fi and a moral more implicit than overt and what you get is a winsome film. Makkhi begins a little awkwardly. A rich baddie has eyes for a good girl who is into micro art and charity. While the good guy is willing to even lay down his life for her. He does, only to be reborn as a fly. Things are tepid till such time as the little Makkhi enters the scene. And then the film turns into one of the most enjoyable rides of the year.

There is one delightful sequence after another. The fly’s extended adventure beneath the villain’s shoes, among water bubbles and with a cricket ball tickles the imagination. As does the long chase with two giant birds hot on his heels. Another...

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