14 May, 2021

Making Quick Work Of What Isn’t Working

Some folks won’t suffer bad marriages—even for a few months

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Making Quick Work Of What Isn’t Working

The Business Of Breaking Up

  • The trend of rising divorces has fed new online businesses. Like www.divorcelawyers.co.in, launched by ANZ Lawz. A one-stop shop, it offers help on an assortment of marital issues, from litigation and child custody to divorce, domestic violence and alimony.
  • On www.secondshaadi.com divorcees can register to meet other new singles
  • Ex-Files, India’s first divorce newsletter, available at Mumbai family courts. It offers info on cases, counselling, support, even dating rules for divorcees.


Divorce Trigger

  • One major causes of people ending marriages is violence, usually by the male. Women won’t take it any longer. Their parents won’t either.
  • Impotence, incompatibility in demands for and expectations from sex, perversions...
  • Carrying...

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