24 September, 2020

Make (Money) In India

Fortunately, resistance to such dispossession and displacement is gaining ground…

PTI Photo/ Subhav Shukla
Make (Money) In India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had some time back suggested that one solution to climate change is to switch off street lamps on moonlit nights. Really? Encourage polluting industries and coal-based power plants across India, shove aside forests for expressways, and incentivise rapid growth in motorcars … and then compensate all these carbon emissions by switching off street lamps a few nights a year? Who is Mr Modi trying to fool?

In 2014, the BJP election manifesto said: “Take all steps … to make it easy to do business … besides other steps to create a conducive environment for investors.” A year on, we see that they are serious about this promise. In BJP’s scheme of things (as it was also in UPA’s), ‘investors’ are mostly big corporations (Indian and foreign). Since the investments they will make are in mega-projects (small-scale operations don’t yield mega-profits), like dams, ports, big industries, highways, airports, they require land. A ‘conducive environment’ requires diversion of forests,...



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