26 January, 2021

Mahesh Manjrekar

The "one-film" wonder on Hathyar, his sequel to Vaastav, which he made three years ago, and the Bollywood-underworld nexus.

Mahesh Manjrekar
The past two years haven't been too good for you?
It's been a blessing in disguise. Everybody must be saying that I've burnt out. But I believe that the past must die for the future to be born.

How damning was it to figure in the notorious underworld tapes?
I had no real contribution in the conversation. See, fear can make a man do desperate things. When I spoke to "him", I was a family man with liabilities responding to a sudden telephonic conversation with him. Remember, I was calling him "Sir". It was such a nightmare.

But why did they rake up the tapes after two years?
I've no idea. The whole system sucks. And you are always trying not to be sucked in.

How real is the underworld threat to the film industry?
I don't think the threat exists any longer. There's no money in the industry any longer.

How sick is the industry then?
Very sick, and we have ourselves to blame. If one thriller does well, we all run to make thrillers. I call it the ostrich mentality.

Then why a sequel to...


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