28 July, 2021


If we want to be called a civilised society, a progressive polity and a constitutional democracy, we need to put an end to these 'communal' murders.


There is a deep gash in my nation’s soul and it has split into two: left and right, and right and wrong. There is no middle ground any longer; no meeting place. If you are neutral, you will not get any funding, a young friend tells me. Everybody, that is, everyone who knows the English alphabet, is spouting Reverend Niemoller. The videos are horrific: people getting lynched or hacked to death over cows and at times women. As if these are interchangeable commodities in a patriarchal marketplace. Murder has replaced dialogue. The latest video from Rajasthan is unbearable, a Muslim man crying out for mercy—babu, babu, babu, please don’t kill me—while being hit repeatedly with a pickaxe and then set on fire. It is impossible to even watch the video.

Will this madness ever stop? The dusty loose soil of the Ganga-Jamuna plains seems to have an insatiable thirst for blood. How much longer will the Muslim, Christian and Hindu rulers take turns in subjugating the other? Truth and reconciliation, what Mandela learned from Gandhi, seem to be two empty,...

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