03 August, 2021
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Ma, Mati And A Shot At The Moon

Was Sudipta Sen’s muckraking howl a TMC ploy to tarnish the President?

Ma, Mati And A Shot At The Moon

A Murky Missive

  • Failed chit fund Saradha boss Sudipta Sen’s letter bomb to CBI became public on April 24
  • First victims were Kunal Ghosh and Srinjoy Bose, TMC MPs depicted as allies-turned-extortionists
  • But the real target was President Pranab Mukherjee whose strained relations with TMC is known. The letter painted the first citizen as a patron of corrupt businessmen.
  • It also targeted dissident TMC MP Somen Mitra by implicating businessmen close to him


The Multi-Layered Cast Of Characters That Feature In This Sordid Drama

  • Debabrata “Nitu” Sarkar: East Bengal club official close to Trinamool MP Somen Mitra;...

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