10 April, 2021

Luis J.A Wee

The founder of The Rainforest Challenge on the off-road motor sport and its future in India

Luis J.A Wee

Tell us about The Rainforest Challenge.

It is a 4x4 motor race which made its debut in Malaysia in 1997, and emerged from the vacuum that existed in the four wheels adventure world.

How did the challenge come to India?

It was an endeavour of Ashish Gupta of Cougar Motorsport, who liked the concept of RFC, and believed it should be in India.

What were the challenges?

There are many unknowns, like how well prepared Indian 4x4s are, how good are they in driving off-road.

What safety precautions were undertaken?

There is a long list of rules and regulations. Penalties are imposed for infringement of safety and environment laws; we have a paramedic team on call.

Are there any eligibility criteria for RFC?

All participants must upgrade their 4x4 vehicle and have the necessary driving skills.

You have been known to partner the challenge keeping in view ecological issues.

RFC is pro-nature at all...

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