24 November, 2020

Lucky Ali

on his latest album Aks

Lucky Ali
Why only three albums in seven years?
I take only as much as I can chew.

But wouldn't your fans like to hear more of you?
My fans know the wait is worth it.

Do you have a fixation for foreign locations?
I just shoot wherever I happen to be and I happen to be at different places at different times.

Aks also seems to be influenced by Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us.
That's because it's set in Cuba, the atmosphere is very Latino and festive...I've shot with real people celebrating on the streets.

Are you opposed to live shows?
I don't mind them, but they have to be right.

Or is it because you consider yourself a singer rather than a performer?
Neither. I just happen to sing and have great fun doing it.

Isn't that a bit unambitious?
I don't want to become a brand that needs marketing.

Why do you shy away from film music?
I don't want to climb the music charts.

Why doesn't your father's sense of humour show?
If I were to make a film,...


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