05 August, 2021

Love, See Us Into A Hall Of Mirrors

On screen, as in life, the many-splendoured thing makes us want to identify with the other

Love, See Us Into A Hall Of Mirrors

Dear Camille:

I've been severely disappointed in my lady friends, who come across as intelligent women with common sense but end up making bad choices when it comes to men.

—Jolted Joe

Dear Joe:

You are puzzled by the irrational perversity of sexual attraction.... Love will never be tidy or safe. Jump in the boat and row for your life.

—Camille Paglia, Advice for the Lovelorn, Among Others

For many of a certain generation, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar—that freestyle (and maybe most successful) reinterpretation of Devdas—represents the first knowing encounter with the idea of romance. As a writer friend recently said to me—everyone in the film is an unrequited lover driven to extremes. Amjad Khan loves Rekha—he breaks out of jail in a jealous rage. Rekha loves Amitabh Bachchan, swallowing a poisoned diamond to save his honour. Amitabh loves Rakhee, but with the...

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