16 June, 2021

Loss Of Neutrons

The Indo-US nuclear deal draws a tacit mistrust from India's Muslims

Atul Loke
Loss Of Neutrons

Like other citizens of India engaged in the struggle for daily survival, Muslims do not follow the complexities of foreign policy. Something as intricate as the Indo-US nuclear deal would normally have gone clean over their heads. But the singular ineptness and political clumsiness with which the Manmohan Singh government has handled the issue has ensured that an abstruse foreign policy agreement has become the stuff of emotive politics for Muslim organisations, the educated middle class and even the masses who attend prayers where sermons are delivered from the pulpit.

There are not one, two but three good reasons why Muslims are opposed to the deal. They hate US foreign aggression and see it as waging an unjust and cruel war on Muslim peoples. They also believe that in signing the deal India will become a partner to any future US action that can extend from Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran and what remains of the Palestinian homeland. Muslims say US policies are directly responsible for the creation of Islamic terror groups that in turn...

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