18 May, 2021

Losing Their Rhythm

Indipop arrived with a bang. Now it seems to be on its way out with a pop.

Losing Their Rhythm

ONCE upon a time, there was a thriving Indipop industry. People sang at its birth, ageing singing sensations crooned at its growth and wannabes who could pull strings but few vocal chords jumped onto the bandwagon. The media went to town heralding its arrival, devoted reams of newsprint to the next Big Thing since Bollywood. Indipop was in. All else had popped out.

But now, as things stand, Indipop's popped out. This happening music scene has split wide open. And what's showing bears scant resemblance to harmony. In fact, jagged notes tumbled into the open at the recently concluded MTV-Planet M music forum where playback singer Abhijeet railed at the state of the industry. Where quizmaster Derek O'Brien brought up for discussion the hype around Sony's new artiste KK.

Less rhythm, more blues. That's been the story of pop this year. Whereby the music industry, after any number of drummed-up declarations of genius, could come up with just one winning name, that of Sonu Nigam, playback singer and TV anchor with established...

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