03 March, 2021

Lord, Pardon Them

The impression one gets of the churches with foreign links is that they're less interested in spirituality and are more into politics.

Lord, Pardon Them

It is extremely necessary today to put an immediate end to the affairs of the foreign-controlled, foreign-financed and foreign-influenced churches and endowments in India, and to entrust them all to India's own indigenous Church". Was it the sarsanghchalak of the RSS saying so? No. These brave words belong to His Eminence Mar Athanasius Joel S. Williams, archbishop, Indian National Church (287, Bellasis Road, Bombay [now Mumbai] 400008).

The archbishop pleaded for the establishment of 'India's own indigenous church' to ensure that the spiritual guidance of the citizens of India is not corrupted by foreign financial control. His apprehensions about the foreign church and their dubious agenda was not unfounded. The impression one gets of the foreign churches is that they are interested less in pursuits spiritual and are more into dabbling in local and national politics, with ulterior motives. From organisations with mission, some of them have stooped down to being outfits working for commission. No less a person than Dr Joseph Carnellius Kumarappa, the eminent Gandhian...

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