26 January, 2021

Lord Of The Twits

An insider’s can’t-miss primer to gaining a 100 followers in just 10 days

Illustration by Sorit
Lord Of The Twits

How To Glitter On Twitter

  • Be yourself
  • Try not to take things (too) personally
  • Engage with people
  • Humour works
  • Be yourself. But I said that already.

Start with tweets that contain words like “Justin Beiber”, “iPod” and you will find an army of bots (automated spam followers) latching on like ants over a lump of sugar. Bots make the best followers: they swell your numbers, do not snap back at you and adopt the visages of celebrities as profile pictures so that you can delude yourself into thinking, if only for a split second, that Megan Fox is actually following you.

On the topic of profile pictures, an important tip. If you are a woman, please include a “hot” picture of yourself. It does not have to be revealing (although a little tasteful cleavage can sometimes go a long way), but something that is both seductive as well as mysterious, like an eye or a glistening red lip, framed in shadow. A bare...



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