14 June, 2021

Looking In From The Out

Arun Shourie has done it again. Adopted a premise and proceeded with ferreting diligence to prove it

Looking In From The Out

THE World of Fatwas or The Sharia In Action is a meticulously researched work on the application of Islamic precepts to practically every aspect of the existence of the "faithful". It is a somewhat daunting book in volume; 669 pages of writings by the author, and the remaining pages containing basic texts and index. In terms of intensity and detail of research it is in the genre of two previous books by Shourie, namely Mrs Gandhi's Second Reign and Missionaries in India. Going through the book, one comes to the conclusion that the premise Shourie wants to prove is the quotation from the Quran reproduced on the back cover—"Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. Those who follow him are firm and unyielding towards unbelievers, yet full of mercy towards one another." (Quran XL VIII 29).


The book has 12 chapters. The first two chapters, "Their Ways, Their Power," and "All of Life", highlight an almost irrational interfering influence which the Muslim clergy exercises and is capable of exercising on the Muslim...

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