27 November, 2020

"Looking For A Home Here"

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen who has been living in exile for 22 years now on what it's like to live a life of uncertainty.

Narendra Bisht
"Looking For A Home Here"

London-born singer Adnan Sami, born to a Pakistani father and an Indian mother, was offered Indian citizenship as 2015 drew to a close. But Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, exiled from her country for 22 years following threats from fundamentalists, has had to renew her stay in India every two months. Now a Swedish citizen, Nasreen speaks to Dola Mitra about what it’s like to live an uncertain life.

How do you react to the news about Adnan Sami having been granted Indian citizenship?

I am really happy for him. It is as it should be. He is an exceptionally talented musician and I appreciate his music. This confirms that India is still a country that values artists, authors, musicians and other creative people. It also proves that India can rise above pettiness and embrace those who bel­ong to countries which are not always friendly towards them. It proves India truly believes in the idea of accepting everyone as its own.

But you have not been granted Indian citizenship despite...



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