18 June, 2021

"Long-Term After-Effects Of Drugs Could Be Disastrous"

Kamal sharma
"Long-Term After-Effects Of Drugs Could Be Disastrous"
On June 7, Outlook, while researching the 'Drugs and Cricket' story, contacted former India cricket coach Anshuman Gaekwad on telephone at his Vadodara office. We sought his views on the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs in Indian cricket. Gaekwad conceded that use of drugs was common in the team and it had helped the players stay fit.

Gaekwad also explained how drugs had changed the face of the game. When requested for a detailed interview on the subject, he promptly agreed. Consequently, senior correspondent Davinder Kumar met Gaekwad at his Gujarat State Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited office, Vadodara, on the morning of June 9.

The interview lasted for over one-and-a-half hours. Throughout the interview, Gaekwad maintained that he had nothing to hide and that everything was on record. On returning from Vadodara, Kumar again got back to him to confirm whether he could specifically name the drugs which the Indian cricketers were using. Gaekwad's reply was he did not know of any except steroids and cortisone which he had mentioned in the...

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