24 January, 2021

Long Lived The King

Nepal's last king relinquishes crown, embraces the life of a commoner

Long Lived The King

The Royal Fall

  • The former king has moved to a hunting complex on the outskirts
  • The complex has 10 cottages. Gyanendra will reside in Hemantabas.
  • He may turn to business, has investments worth Rs 620 million
  • Could enter politics or float a party
  • The queen mother Ratna and King Tribhuvan's mistress Sarala will remain in the palace complex


Elements vary, but the essence of the story goes thus. In the 18th century, Guru Gorakhnath—a namesake of the famous Bhakti saint (a reincarnation, in some versions)—visited the palace of Narbhupal Shah, the ruler of the small principality of Gorkha. The wandering ascetic is said to have offered the infant prince, Prithvinarayan, a bowl of curd. Displaying the petulance typical of children, Prithvinarayan threw the bowl to the ground, a portion of the curd spattering his feet. From this ostensibly commonplace occurrence Gorakhnath predicted the future: the curd at his feet...


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