24 July, 2021

Long Journeys To Parenthood

Couples from countries across the world—chiefly Islamic countries and Africa—are seeking babies in Indian clinics

Jitender Gupta
Long Journeys To Parenthood

Toryali Azizi is from Afghanistan and works with the UN. But he is in Delhi on a personal trip, to be blessed with a baby. Not through prayer at the old shrines. To fulfil his longing, he’ll be going to a modern sort of shrine: an artificial reproduction technology (ART) clinic. When he flew into Delhi with his wife, he only had a few contact numbers; in a week, he has zeroed in on IVF specialist Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, rented a flat for Rs 1,100 a day, even found a restaurant serving Afghani fare. The going’s been smooth mainly because of one reason: thousands from his country have made similar trips before him.

Yes, India is the world’s biggest baby-making factory—and in a slightly different way than you might have thought. The operative word is ‘factory’. People come here with hope from Luxembourg to Saudi Arabia, Tanzania to Thailand, from the US to Uzbekistan. There are IVF clinics all over the country, in the metros, big cities, even the smaller towns. Couples from the US and Europe have been...

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