28 July, 2021

London Diary

It is difficult to ignore the milling crowd outside Dishoom, the hot and happening Indian restaurant at the snazzy Covent Garden.

London Diary
Brexit over beer

Weeks later, Brexit is still on London’s mind. Drop by at a pub, and chances are you’ll run into a group furiously debating Brexit. With ale in the system, the upper lip turns less stiff, and the exc­hange is boisterous. It’s not uncommon to find an eld­erly gent nursing a drink by himself abruptly join the group and aggressively side with those who voted out of EU. Yes, it’s an age divide, no questions. The young minicab driver of Pakistani origin is quite clearly bitter: “Old f*&%ing aunties don’t want guys like us here.” But the pub chatter tells me it goes beyond that, and the other obvious issue of immigration: prejudice. Some local goras are convinced Brits are a superior race, and therefore must “do their own bloody thing”. The pragmatists are, of course, livid. I could gather their biggest fear is that the proud British passport will end up being treated on par with...

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