22 January, 2021

Loll Over, Lizzie

The wild disc-and-pub days are over, as adda in satin lungis gets a name: lounging

Jitender Gupta
Loll Over, Lizzie
Vishal Chawla of Ravissant doesn't think twice before turning up at a page-three do in a cool orange sarong. Fashion designer Aparna Chandra can't get through a day without her linen pyjamas and lungis. Gaurav Raina of Delhi-based band Medieval Punditz loves to play at the newly opened lounge and bar Mantra if he's not listening himself, sprawled on a beanbag. Are we finally moving on from a neck-breaking disco lifestyle to pause, stare and take a deep draw of life?

Suddenly, it's hip to be unhip. Our cosmo-metros are now growing a tribe of fashionistas who, after shaking their booty to pop, rave, trance and coke, now just want to sit down and talk. The generation that took the disc-and-pub lifestyle to dizzying heights has now come of age, overcoming its juvenile aspirations to be hip. More important is to be your own self. Just so.

The growth of lounge bars has led to a complementary lifestyle where stress-busting personal comfort is the buzzword. Be it in clothes, makeup, hair-styling, furniture or travelling. It's fadeout for ostentatious, snobby p3p parties, as...


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