18 May, 2021

Lock Up The Doors, Time For Them To Depart

Our state institutions are dilapidated, our leaders a bunch of rogues. The time for tinkering is over, drastic measures are required.

Illustration by Saahil
Lock Up The Doors, Time For Them To Depart

I do not want to sound alarmist, but it looks to me that some kind of French Revolution is inevitable in India. Consider the facts: all our state institutions have become hollow and empty shells, and the Constitution seems to have exhausted itself. The last two weeks have shown that we have a Parliament that hardly functions—what with its members shouting and screaming all the time—and hardly any meaningful debate held or business transacted. When the UPA was in power, the BJP members were always disrupting the House, and now when the NDA is in the saddle, the Congress and others are paying it back in the same coin. It seems the same will be repeated in the winter session of Parliament, then in the budget session, and so on ad infinitum.

To add to this is the criminal antecedents of a large number of our MPs. We have politicians who are mostly incorrigible rascals who have no genuine love for India, are bent on looting the country, squirrelling away its wealth to secret foreign banks and havens, and manipulating caste and communal votebanks, often by inciting...

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