20 October, 2020

Locating Questions Of National Origin

A sensible charting out of Vedic people; history for the layman

Locating Questions Of National Origin
Nationalism gives an urgency to the question of national identity, and this involves historical investigations of what are viewed as its origins. In the nineteenth century it was thought that Indian origins lay with the Vedic people, or the Aryans as they are called. They were the authors of the compositions that make up the Vedic corpus and were also said to be the creators of all the refinements of Indian civilisation. Language and race were used interchangeably in this argument-as they still are-and caused immense confusion.

Among the problems that have since arisen, one is related to the established view that the Indo-Aryan speaking people came from across the northwestern borders and settled in north India. It was earlier believed that this took the form of an invasion, a theory that few would support today. But that they came as migrants has been endorsed by many scholars. However, the demands of exclusionist national ideologies, the world over, require that the founders of their histories be indigenous. Hence the attempts that are being made to prove this for...



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