16 June, 2021

'LoC Is The Problem, Not The Solution'

An exclusive, last interview before the summit began -- on expectations -- not the hype but what he actually said about Shimla and Lahore.

'LoC Is The Problem, Not The Solution'
Forty-eight hours before the summit, Pervez Musharraf betrays no anxiety but exudes the confidence of a man who is both the head of the armed forces and the civilian government. Dressed casually in T-shirt, chinos and sneakers, the president-general meets Gulf News Asia Editor Neena Gopal late Wednesday night at the sumptuously-appointed Army House in Rawalpindi Cantonment, and talks about the Agra Summit, Kashmir and his expectations. Excerpts from an interview conducted for Gulf News:

The run-up to the summit had started off with you being quoted as being "open" and "flexible" about the talks. But the perception now is that you have taken a 180-degree turn to repeatedly emphasise that talks must focus solely on Kashmir. Why has that happened?
I have never at all said that I will be flexible on the issue to be discussed—which is Kashmir. I have said that Kashmir is the only issue. Yes, I will be flexible on Kashmir, but I would like to correct this misperception, this misunderstanding. I have never said that flexibility will be shown on the issue...
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