28 July, 2021

Living With A Legend

Saira Banu reveals why her husband—superstar Dilip Kumar, who turns 90 on December 11—is her greatest love and their long-time marriage is a dream come true

Living With A Legend

On marrying her dream man Everyday, I thank the Almighty that I ended up marrying the man I was attracted to since I was 12. Like millions of girls my age back then, I was smitten by Dilip Kumar, India’s greatest superstar. I remember seeing him at a social event at director Mehboob Khan’s house for the first time—it was a thrilling moment. After all these years, I am still head over heels in love with Yousuf sahab.

On her husband’s acting legact He was a star who was extremely picky about his work. If sahab liked a story and was convinced that the producer and director were capable of delivering a good film, he chose to do it irrespective of remuneration and other factors. He once told me about a producer, who offered him a suitcase stacked with cash in exchange for doing a role that was absurd and which required him to ride a buffalo! He refused to do it. It is a well-known fact that Yousuf sahab never behaves like a superstar, whether he is at work or home. He is always unassuming and undemanding, putting the...

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