29 July, 2021

Live Wire, Fried Wings

WIll the Great Indian Bustard be the first species to go extinct in India?

Alamy (From Outlook Issue 12 October 2015)
Live Wire, Fried Wings

The Poor Bustard...

  • Designate well-protected core breeding areas, where the bustards’ ecological needs are factored in with low-intensity livelihood concerns
  • Enlist support of local communities and all the relevant departments
  • Conserve grasslands. Curtail detrimental infrastructure and other projects in GIB priority areas.
  • Policy changes regarding land use and prioritisation of ‘Bustard-friendly grazing’ and cropping policies
  • Controlling feral dog populations in and around critical GIB areas


On the afternoon of September 15, a farmer in Karamba village of Solapur, Maharashtra, was grazing his cattle when he noticed a large, severely injured bird on the ground, its wings singed. Hovering by, waiting for death to strike, were a few feral dogs. As he edged closer, he saw a black mobile-like device on the prone creature. He knew the bird, a frequent visitor to his...

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