14 May, 2021

Little Minds, Big Queries

Our children are waking up to a new terror-stained reality. And they're asking questions.

Little Minds, Big Queries
What You Can Do To Help Your Child
  • Talk to your kids openly about the event but leave out the gory details. 
  • Provide lots of time for questions; admit you cannot answer them all. 
  • Tailor your info to be age-specific Don't be repetitive.
  • Limit media exposure. Chaperone them while they watch TV news.
  • Don't accuse them of heartlessness if they make light of the situation. It might be their method of coping.
  • Regressive or rebellious behaviour may be a distress signal. Address it. If it lingers, seek expert advice.
  • Give your children a sense of calm. Carve out 'family time'. Allow them to sleep with parents if they need.
  • Re-establish routine as soon as possible-including behaviour norms
  • Don't convey your prejudices to your kids. Terrorism is not about religion.
  • Help children identify good such as heroism and help rendered by scores.


It's two weeks after the terror strikes. Psychologist Husna Vanjara, husband Omar and...

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