11 May, 2021

Listen To Yadav’s Whistle

Manohar Parrikar has a golden opportunity-- dismiss all the daal-dealing officers so that they don’t grow big to steal aircraft and warships...

Listen To Yadav’s Whistle

There is a bit of Tej Bahadur Yadav in many of us. No, it is not about the tadka in our daal. Unlike Yadav’s employers, mine have always paid me well to have lots of daal, subzi and much else. I feel like Yadav because I was also made to feel like him some 15 years ago, when I broke the coffin scam. Someone was making money while buying coffins meant for Kargil martyrs (it is another story that despite a mark-up the coffins never reached in time). The immediate result was a notice for a Rs 100-crore defamation suit from the then def­ence minister George Fernandes, who also got his friend, one R.V. Pandit (his real name is Thomas Ignatius Rodrigues), to hold a press conference in Delhi demanding the dismissal of the CAG, a constitutional authority, and my sack from The Times of India. Fernandes even got the then American amba­ssador to India to issue him a clean chit as the coffins were imported from the US through a middleman.

There were no huge arms contracts involved, no lobbyists leaking documents, nor any international awards for journalism of...

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