02 March, 2021

Like The Memory Of Yambo

No subject is under the radar of Eco’s voracious opinion-making. And a lightly worn erudition gathers in the universe with a careless sweep of the cape.

Like The Memory Of Yambo

“Twitter is like a village or suburban bar”, writes Umberto Eco in a fascinating essay, I tweet, therefore I am (Twittero ergo sum!). “You hear the village idiot, the small landow­ner...and occasionally there is someone with a few sensible ideas. But it all ends there. Bar room gossip never changed international politics,” he elaborates. It is part of his latest, posthumous collection of essays, Chronicles of a Liquid Society.

Eco is, of course, best known as the author of The Name of the Rose, a murder mystery filled with references to arcane manuscripts and texts and set in a medieval monastery. Foucault’s Pend­ulum, Baudolino and the controversial The Prague Cemetery are some of his other well-known novels. The amazing History of Beauty is a personal favourite among his non-fiction works.

These essays are some of the columns that Eco wrote for the magazine L’Espresso from 2000-2015. The concept of a liquid society refers to a state where everything is in a state of...

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