20 October, 2020

Light Up The Spiral

The world's oldest holistic design system is the new fad in the US. Will popular culture catch on like it did with yoga?

Light Up The Spiral
When Carol and Kenneth Hardin built their 2,800 sq-ft 'vaastu' home in the hills outside Austin, Texas, they used aerated concrete blocks to keep out the scorching summer heat. The couple also avoided using synthetic glues and other chemicals. Even their water was collected on a rooftop cistern, with a solar water heater taking care of the heating as well. One of the results of such an environmentally friendly house was lower energy bills.

Hardin's house could have more to do with 'greenbuilding', a movement building up in the West, but the Hardins don't discount the critical role that Vaastu, arguably the world's oldest holistic design system, played in designing it. "The biggest challenge was working with the block, making sure it would be in the proper Sthapathya Veda conventions," says Carol. "Most Western builders have more leeway on measurements, but we had to be more exact."

There are many other home builders like the Hardins in America who swear by Vaastu aka Sthapathya Veda aka "the new Feng Shui" these days. It's still early days on whether it will have the...


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