02 March, 2021

Light On Gurudom

With boundless energy, BKS kept the best ideals of yoga alive

Abhijit Bhatlekar/Outlook Archive
Light On Gurudom

There are only a few true-blue geniuses I have seen at close quarters in my life, of whom Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer and Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar come top of mind. The defining characteristic of all of them is an undying passion, a mastery of skills that is both strong on technique as well as highly nuanced, raising it to an art form, an unceasing quest for perfection. The commitment they have shown for their pursuits is as much their hallmark as the body of work they have accomplished. The difference between them, of course, is that while Tendulkar and Federer are sportspersons par excellence, Yogacharya Iyengar was more than just an outstanding yoga teacher: he was a life-coach, so to speak, without parallel.

My introduction to Yogacharya Iyengar, his methods and wisdom, came in excruciating circumstances. In early 1994, I suffered a bout of vertigo which left me debilitated. I could barely talk or sit up, leave alone walk. Doctors, even those from a leading hospital in Mumbai, came up with foreboding diagnoses. One of them suggested that I may have suffered a...

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