15 May, 2021

Life On Rent

Owning is passe; hiring is the new credo. Wandering millennials, material needs intact, don’t care about stuff doomed by obsolescence.

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Life On Rent

If my life is for rent and I don’t learn to buy
Well, I deserve nothing more than I get
‘Cos nothing I have is truly mine…

—Life for Rent, Dido

Boyfriends on hire? Just to feel a little better about yourself? The idea seems a bit far out, if not faintly condescending. Why on earth would women need rented boyfriends to cope with depression? But that’s exactly what this new mobile app claims…and the promoters say they’ve been flooded with calls from interested women! One among them is Deepika, a Mumbai girl who self-admittedly wants to take a stab at it to get out of her “extreme shyness” in front of men. “My parents are pressurising me to get married, and I too want to have a partner. But I’m so shy I can’t even talk properly to guys. Who knows, maybe this will help. After all, there’s nothing to lose,” says the 24-year-old, giggling, “I’ll only be renting him.”

Marketing professional Shruti Roy, 28, is...

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