28 November, 2020

Life Is Elsewhere

Schumi is just the latest. For families of coma victims, it’s an unending wait.

Amit Haralkar
Life Is Elsewhere

The Blanks, Filled In

  • Toxic-metabolic encephalopathy An acute condition of brain dysfunction with symptoms of confusion and/or delirium. It’s usually reversible. The causes are varied: systemic illness, infection, organ failure.
  • Anoxic brain injury  A condition caused by total lack of oxygen to the brain. Even a few minutes can cause death of brain tissue. Possible causes: cardiac arrest, head injury or trauma, drowning, drug overdose or poisoning.
  • Persistent vegetative state A state of unconsciousness. Patient is unaware of his or her surroundings, incapable of voluntary movement. Only breathing, circulation, and sleep-wake cycles exist. May progress to wakefulness but with no higher brain function.
  • Locked-in syndrome A rare neurological condition, victim is totally paralysed except for the eye muscles, but remains alert and with a normal mind.
  • Brain death An irreversible cessation of all...


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