05 August, 2021

Life In The Terror Regime

A gripping story, even though the translation sometimes mars the pace and the passion.

Life In The Terror Regime
The story of Latifa, a young Afghan woman who was only 16 when the Taliban seized power, is a poignant account of what women went through in Afghanistan, a slice of history that will leave scars that may never heal.

The aspiring journalist wakes up one morning to find that her home has become her prison. Her medico mother can’t practice anymore, her sister, an airhostess, can’t fly and she can’t study anymore. Freedom and basic rights like education and even medical care are denied by the Taliban.

Latifa takes you behind the veil which she is now forced to wear and reveals the horror of sheer survival, not just for women but even her businessman father and her brothers who leave the country for fear that they may be enrolled as Talibs. A touching, often depressing and annoying account, it portrays the naive Latifa’s loss of innocence and her brave struggle.

The 16-year-old who first succumbs to depression and sees her mother withdraw into a shell slowly emerges to set up a clandestine school within her home where even the windows have been painted black...

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