24 October, 2020

Life In A Bubble

In the ultimate analysis, only those in the Net economy who manage to rule the content scene would be in control.

Life In A Bubble
ARE ICE stocks up or down? It's not the kind of question you want to waste time over—not anymore at least. Is online shopping really going to take off? Is web-based banking the new New Thing? Will wAP dominate and dictate quick-buy decisions? Will our humble existence be transformed by Instant Messaging? Or has the Internet explosion left us with nothing more than killer ideas that kill time? Are we left spinning comic phrases like incubate extensible protocols, synthesise real-time e-business and mesh cutting-edge convergence (for more, do try the Web Economy Bullshit Generator at www.dack.com)?

The Net has failed to deliver the grand hopes of consultants who thought that the www was the Next Big Thing after sliced bread. Sure, some seemingly innocuous dotcoms managed to get valuations that made the investment community's Adam's apple go into a bobbing convulsion. But for most ambitious dotcoms, valuations quickly turned from expectant sizzle to ignominious fizzle.

By April, everyone who wanted to make a serious number of billions on the Net had begun to show signs...


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