12 May, 2021

Life Goes On, Cruelly

How many unknown soldiers have sacrificed their lives to our cultural cannibalism, fighting on the battlefield of life in India?

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Life Goes On, Cruelly
'Never a Day Passes That I Do Not Remember'
—by Reverend Allen G. Downey, December 1993, in Shattered Lives

Never a day passes that I do not remember/ The cheerfulness/ The beauty/ The energy

The passion you brought to life/ The empty seat at the dinner table/ I remember because I hurt for things that are no more

And, never a day passes that I do not remember/ I remember in the presence of things/ The photographs/ The funny expression/ The quick step on the stairs/ Your favourite food/ The colours of life you enjoyed/ The love stamped indelibly in my heart

Never a day passes that I do not remember/ And quite often/ When I remember/ I cry.

— This poem was dedicated by the poet to those whose lives have been robbed by the violent crime of impaired driving and those who remain to bear the pain.

Five young people were killed by a truck driver on April 24. Can anyone accurately fathom their parents' pain? Ten minutes before the crash, Puja Mukerji, 20 years old, called her mother and told her she...

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