25 January, 2021

‘Liberals Must Quit The Bicoastal Bubble’

Well known American social anthropologist Janine R. Wedel on the factors that led to Donald Trump's victory in US presidential elections.

‘Liberals Must Quit The Bicoastal Bubble’

Janine R. Wedel is a well known American social anthropologist and author of several critically acclaimed books, including How the New Power Broker Undermine Dem­ocracy, Government and the Free Market and How the Establishment Corr­upted our Finances, Freedom and Politics and created an Outsider Class. At 59, she is university professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, US. She has also worked extensively in Europe, studying many regimes under Communist rule and liberal democracy. In a recent article, Wedel has argued that a crisis of public confidence in civic institutions—including governments, legislatures, courts and the media—is a central factor in the rise of Donald Trump and figures like him around the world. And so long as the crisis persists, such leaders will continue to resonate with voters. She responded to questions from Pranay Sharma on Trump’s victory and whether liberals were out of touch with the existing ground reality.

Does Donald...



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