27 January, 2021

Let's Compare Notes

What stops India and Pakistan from discussing global issues? Only myopia

Sandeep Adhwaryu
Let's Compare Notes
The foreign secretaries' meeting has broken the ice that had formed on the Indo-Pak dialogue after the Mumbai blasts. Undeterred by the scepticism that greeted their announcement in Havana, the two have established a joint mechanism for dealing with terrorism to be headed by a senior official of the foreign ministry in each country. If all goes well, this trans-border 'standing committee', the first ever to be set up, will become the channel to request and receive sensitive information on terrorist activities being planned on the other side. Its success will depend on the trust that develops between them. This will take patience and effort to build.

The decision to locate it in the foreign offices, without involving the intelligence agencies directly, also makes sense. Although it is the latter that must do the actual legwork to supply information and investigate allegations, their history of mutual antagonism and each agency's firm belief that the other is still working to undermine the unity of their country makes it necessary for them to...


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