13 May, 2021

'Let The Rhetoric Subside'

The US is not sure whether the BJP's nukespeak is for real

'Let The Rhetoric Subside'

THE US Administration is adopting a wait-and-watch approach to the formation of a new government in New Delhi. Washington hopes to engage a BJP-led government in strategic discussions as soon as it is formed. At the same time, however, US policy planners and observers are voicing concern about the party's more 'intemperate' posture on security issues. On foreign investment, analysts feel that political stability and confirmation of economic reforms would be the key, not the ideological character of the government.

A senior Clinton administration official stresses that campaign statements on the strategic weapons issue should not be taken at face value. "Certain parts of the administration were getting exercised by the rhetoric, but we understand that the BJP was playing to a national audience," he says. "However, if the BJP wants to have an effective foreign policy, if it wants to join the UN Security Council and ASEAN, it will have to adopt a more moderate stand on strategic weapons. We have tried to encourage better...

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