30 July, 2021

Lessons Without A Leash

A new national-level ‘augmentation course’ has been introduced to make our canine soldiers smarter and teach them to listen and guard us better

Man’s Best Defence
An NSG commando and his Belgian Shepherd train for offensive operations
Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
Lessons Without A Leash

The cuckoo’s call even before the sun has risen in the morning is often the only sound that precedes Gracy’s walk towards the training centre. The golden Labrador waits patiently by her kennel in the National Sec­urity Guard’s recently established K9 tactical training school in Manesar, Haryana, for her handler constable Amit Sharma to take her to the ground for the day’s exercises. A swift “Gracy chalo” has the dog ­bounding towards Sharma, and they walk, leg-to-leg, in the direction of the huge training ground.

Journalist: Arushi Bedi; Videography: Tribhuvan Tiwari & Arushi Bedi; Video Editing: Suraj Wadhwa

The trainer doesn’t use a leash to guide Gracy and simply gives verbal cues which she obeys, a stark ­contrast to the usual dog-trainer...

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