19 October, 2020

Left-Of-Bush Brain Curry Man

A growing circle of admirers is seeing in him the first Muslim US secretary of state. Hold on, not so fast, says Zakaria.

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Left-Of-Bush Brain Curry Man
The pedigree is impeccable, the intellect solid and the TV-friendly looks don't hurt. Celebrity journalist Tina Brown calls him New York's "hot brainiac of choice" with an "awesome ability to deconstruct global issues". Esquire calls him "one of the 21 most important people of the 21st century". Another gushing profile declares he's the Indian reincarnation of Cary Grant while painting a somewhat arrogant, to-the-manner-born picture of the man.

ABC News aggressively manoeuvres to get him as a regular on its Sunday talk show to discuss matters of state with cabinet members. An admiring circle of friends and mentors even sees him one day as the first Muslim secretary of state of the US. That would also make him the first Asian, first Indian-born, first Mumbai-educated and so on. And now with the rave attention his second book, The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad, is getting, he the man should be on cloud nine.

But, hold on, says Fareed Zakaria, not so fast. This Hegel-steeped and Kierkegaard-inspired man (who looks like Omar...


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