11 May, 2021

Learning To Eureka

Now, more than ever, schools must foster innovation and original thinking

Illustration by Saahil
Learning To Eureka

This year’s Outlook ranking of Indian professional colleges ends with the IITs again dominating the engineering landscape, and the other streams also showing stability in the rankings. This would seem to indicate that it is business as usual, and our institutions are doing fine.

However, very few Indian institutions are globally ranked, and, in Outlook last year, I had suggested that to build great global institutions we needed to focus on building teaching and research orientation with a revamp which started at schools. Our students at school level get used to a system set up to crack exams rather than focusing on knowledge. The focus on knowledge has to start in school and continue till the PG and doctoral levels. This should result in the natural capabilities of our “solution finding” nature being applied to research and innovation rather than shortcuts.

Interestingly, many students I spoke to during the ranking process believed that the problem was not only one of the schooling system. They ascribed their lack of learning to a...

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