19 April, 2021

Lean Side Of Leadership

In contrast to the tenacious Pakistanis, the Indian 'think tank' looked bereft of ideas, involvement and intensity.

Lean Side Of Leadership

ANYBODY who has been following the recent Indo-Pak series closely will have observed an air of cockiness around the Indian captain. In fact he seems to be flaunting his nonchalance quite blatantly. Azhar has radiated anything but a sense of purpose and leadership quality during his second dig at being the Indian skipper.

Statistics can, perhaps, be quoted to prove that Azhar has been a highly successful captain-but this success story (if it be called one), is at best confined to the more advantageous environs of the subcontinent. Take this-on paper unbeatable-side a shade away from home, and one reverts back to an old tale of defeats piled on top of ignominious defeats.

With the loss to Zimbabwe and New Zealand still lingering painfully in memory, the Indian skipper's career graph was at its nadir. To compound matters further, the toughest and most demanding series of them all-given that defeat on home turf today means nothing short of a national catastrophe-was coming up. The Pakistanis were touring India after a gap of twelve years. Akram had already proclaimed his...

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