25 July, 2021

Laundry, Drycleaned

Nostalgia and trivia poured out in Gulzar's interaction with the viewers.

Laundry, Drycleaned

The rare screening of Libaas at IFFI2014, for which I&B ministry has now been served a notice, was also the first time Gulzar’s own family and close friends watched it. “Libaas laundry mein dhulne ko bheji thi par lagta hai dryclean hokar aayi hai jo itna samay lag gaya,” he said, while introducing the film to a packed Maquinez Palace auditorium in Panaji. 

The filmmaker was himself watching it after almost two decades. In his own inimitable way he confessed being curious about it: “Dekhein madari ke thaile mein se kya khargosh nikalta hai. I wonder how finished or unfinished it would look now. Taali milegi ya gaali.”

Applause it was, resounding one at that. No wonder after the screening he was a visibly happy man. He didn’t find the film too dated or old. Perhaps because the human relationships that it deals with are timeless and universal. “Bas unki nayi tahein khulti rehti hain,” he said.

Nostalgia and trivia poured out in the interaction...

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