16 June, 2021

Lata Mangeshkar

Ever since Balasaheb passed away, there’s been a void in my life...

Illustration by Sorit
Lata Mangeshkar

Thousands of telephone calls. Congratulatory messages. Wide-ranging media reports, why so much fuss over something which was obvious to everyone. The nation prays, wants, demands, yearns that ‘Chhote Sardar’ Narendrabhai becomes our prime minister. I am thrilled over such a prospect and expanded this theme in my secret diary, both in English and in Marathi. Ever since Balasaheb passed away, there’s been a void in my life. Today, with Narendrabhai all set to become the prime minister, that void has disappeared. My dream for so many years now was seeing Balasaheb as the Rashtrapati and Narendrabhai as PM. That would have been the pinnacle of Hindu India whose true leaders were Golwalkar, Veer Savarkar and RSS patriots like Nathurambhai. Of course, I had the best of ‘secular’ India too (Bharat Ratna and all that), got myself photographed with Jawaharlal Nehru but my best album has only pictures of myself with Balasaheb and his family.

Let me confess, I had to mouth a lot of claptrap about secular India and Muslim bhailog like Naushadsaab,...

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