13 June, 2021

Lata Mangeshkar

In a riposte to fellow-MP Shabana Azmi’s criticism that she never attends Rajya Sabha proceedings

Lata Mangeshkar
Your defence?
My workload at the hospital I run in Pune, and my bad health makes it very difficult for me to travel to Delhi frequently.

Your critic was an industry colleague...
I don't understand why Shabana Azmi should pull me up! I am answerable to no individual.

Has the whole issue hurt you?
Why am I being berated like a schoolgirl for bunking classes? I am also human. Sometimes if you pelt a tree for fruits, the tree gets injured, no?

Did you express your inability to be regular at the time of your RS nomination?
I did make it clear to the government then itself.

You'd planned to be there on February 16.
I had, but I fell ill. I stumbled on stage during a performance with A.R. Rahman in Hyderabad. I did inform Delhi, but still all this hue and cry...

How do you plan to resolve the issue?
I'm no longer 25. I've to keep that in mind, so should those who say I failed in my duties.

Are you at all interested in politics?
I never was, never will be. I don't even...

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