21 June, 2021

Lata Mangeshkar

on American rappers Truth Hurts’ rendition of her ’70s song Thoda Resham Lagta Hai in their album and also contemporary Bollywood music

Lata Mangeshkar
Your reaction to the controversy.
Frankly, I didn't even remember the song.

Did this sly tribute surprise you?
I'd no idea about this group. Now I guess I'll have to listen to them more carefully.

Do you think it was proper of the rappers to incorporate your song?
They haven't tampered with my voice or the composition. It's far more preferable than today's remixes.

Your fans want you to do more non-film songs.
But how? Maybe people don't like my singing any more. I thought my recent bhajan album Meera Soor Kabeera was good.

It was brilliant.
But it didn't get a proper release. I had an album of patriotic songs called Ae Mere Watan Ke logon, but it was nowhere to be seen, let alone heard. I was told that people don't have a patriotic streak in them any longer. How do I argue with that?

Are you happy with contemporary Hindi film music?
Not really. In the past, music directors were talented. Now there are four-five music directors working on the same film.

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